Noise raises your blood pressure! A study by Sydney academics has found that people in Kurnell are more likely to have higher chronic noise stress and blood pressure as a result of aircraft noise.  Kurnell was compared to a similar demograpic suburb at South Penrith, which is not affected by aircraft noise.  Kurnell was chosen as it experiences noise above 70 decibels (dBA) more than fifty times a day.The World Health Organisation’s definition that “health includes physical, psychological and social well being” was used for the Kurnell study.  The authors state that existing noise measurements “underestimate the social impact of aircraft noise because health effects have been ignored when formulating environmental management plans at airports.”  Link to study 2006.  and Presentation

Another study found aircraft noise can raise your blood pressure while you’re asleep. Dr Lars Jarup (Imperial College London), says people who live near airports are likely to have a greater risk of health problems. European Heart Journal 2008 29(5):658-664

Living under a flight path increases likelihood of heart attack 2010 study.


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